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GL Serisi (Dijital)
Simply put, the GL is and remains our classic. Utilized in too many applications to mention here, the GL stands out with its simple but very efficient design. It offers lots of room for up to three triple axis joysticks (proportional and/or digital) or up to 7 proportional paddle levers along with lots of space for the digital functions. The spacious layout provides lots of flexibility for the control functions. Operators like the GL because it is light-weight and easy to operate. The GL makes the operator comfortable with the controls of the machine.

GR Serisi (Dijital)
For over 20 years, the GR is the transmitter of choice for applications requiring many proportional and/or digital functions. Its shoulder harness with the chest plate in combination with the GR's light weight, allows the operator to work comfortably hour after hour without fatigue.

The GR is available as a customized transmitter that is tailored for your needs. Custom labels and decals are free of charge.

GL-3 System
We introduced the GL-3 transmitter as an addition to our GL system. The GL-3 offers enough room to accommodate text or graphics feedback from the machine along with the control joysticks and switches. All of the above without increasing the overall dimensions and maintaining the benefit of the GL transmitter.

The feedback feature comes in handy when the operation of a machine and its safety depend on exact information from the machine to the operator.

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